Well, ever step to me is a giant but the Giant Steps at Bailey's Island are so cool!

I had never heard of them until Chad decided to take me and Anderson for the day.

The Maine coast is ALWAYS a great getaway, even if it is just a day trip. Chad has been so many more places than I have here in the state of Maine. It's nice to discover new things...together.

Photo by Sharon Buck

Bailey's Island is actually in Harpswell and it took us about 45 minutes from Augusta. You can see why it's called the Giant Steps because of the rocks. If you want to try rock climbing for the first time to get ready for American Ninja Warrior (as you can see Chad doing in this picture) there are some great spots to try it. Also, travelers have made stone masterpieces by the shore and we all took part in creating one ourselves. Please, don't knock any down. When you try and make one of your own you'll see how hard it was to make the ones that are standing.

It's rocky, the coast is beautiful and it's well worth the drive to see Maine's coastal beauty. Stop by for some ice cream on the way back. No vacation day is complete without ice cream!