Simones' World Famous Hot Dogs has been a Lewiston, Maine institution since 1908. I want to point out that this restaurant is part of my family history. My father Nestor and his brother George had owned the restaurant for several years and the restaurant is currently owned by by cousin Jimmy Simones and his wife Linda.

This story was prompted by old photos of the restaurant that I saw on Facebook.

Simones' World Famous Hot Dogs in Lewiston ranked at #30 on The Daily Meal list of America's 35 Best Hot Dogs.

Here's what they had to say about Simones'.

'This is a vivid dark-red pork dog, steamed, served on a microwaved split top bun. Cheese, sauerkraut, and chili are available here, but the traditional condiments are relish, onions, and ketchup. One unusual touch: a shaker of celery salt is offered along with salt and pepper. Simones' has been selling dogs and other simple fare since 1908, and judging from the photos on the wall, every politician in or from New England has been here at one point or another.'

I remember when I was a child of six, seven or eight years old. Helping my Dad behind the counter and more importantly eating those red snapped hot dogs!

Stop in and say hello to Jimmy and the family and have a dog for me!

Here's a video of Simones' from the 1960's. My Dad Nestor is the one with the sunglasses on.

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