For my first ever on-air experience you could say that I was slightly nervous. With all the fancy buttons and flashy things, I could see how being a radio personality was a lot harder than I had initially assumed. The first thing Randy and Sarah talked to me about was their dynamic as co-hosts of The Morning Buzz.

I was surprised to hear that they have a “No Talking” policy about the topics featured on the show. What I mean by this, is that Randy will find exciting things he wants to bring up during the talking segments and just straight up surprises Sarah with them. I found this to be really interesting, because Sarah is left in the dark on live radio until she has an authentic reaction to the thought or question posed, making the show have a natural flow and an inviting and humorous feel to it.

Another topic we covered was how the radio actually works. You’d think that working at a broadcasting station, I would have a little bit of knowledge, but you would be wrong. We went over how they know what is coming up next and how long they have to talk in between the commercial and songs. Also, how the buttons turn on the mikes and the sliding things raise the volume. All of which I had assumed was done long before they sat down to talk.

The thing that I most enjoyed when sitting in on the show was the dynamic between the two hosts, as well as how friendly and open they were to me being there. During one of the more extended music sets, Randy and I began talking about how he got into radio and the connections that brought him to little Augusta, Maine. It was very inspirational to hear his personal story, andeven though I don’t see myself ever having my own morning show, I can honestly say I left that day feeling inspired to become a radio personality. It was equally as exciting to get to know Sarah, and you could see just how much fun she’d had on the air, talking to people and interacting with Randy.

I hope that my insight into the Morning Buzz with Randy McCoy and Sarah Dyer will inspire you to tune in to 98.5 for not only excellent country music but for an authentic radio show with the most personable people in Maine.

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