This past weekend  6  hunters were buster for killing too many snowshoe hares. The hunters were hunting and taken into custody on Great Duck Island.

One hunter is from Maine while the other 5 are from Massachusetts and they killed 87 snowshoe hares. The limit for snowshoe hares is 20 per day but this group of hunters were 67 over that limit.

Great Duck Island is an uninhabited island located six miles off of Mount Desert Island, or about 10 miles by boat from Southwest Harbor and the island is teaming with snowshoe hares. The population can grow to a large size because, other than bald eagles, the snowshoe hare do not have predators like foxes or coyotes to worry about.

The Bangor Daily News says the hunters admit to violating the limit and will not fight the charge, they plan to pay the fines.


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