Continuing my mission of watching Holiday movies on Netflix and letting you know if they're worth it, this weekend I watched Holiday Rush, the newest attempt at holiday magic. I am not going to lie, I have no idea what this movie was trying to be. It had hints of being a comedy, then had serious dramatic parts, then threw in a romance as well, all in an hour and 30 minutes, and honestly, none of them stuck.

The plot of the movie:

Rush Williams is a morning radio host who loses his job when his station is bought by a large media company. From there, he and his 3 spoiled, and I mean SPOILED kids have to move into a smaller home and they hate everything about it, making everything about them, completely ignoring the fact that their father just lost his job. Meanwhile, Rush and his producer/love interest buy their old, OLD radio station where they got their start. Then begin competing with their recently old station.

I honestly found a lot of flaws with the movie, but only things that an actual radio dj would catch. You might enjoy it a bit more.

Subjectively I give it 2 Christmas Wreaths out of 5 and officially say, skip it.

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