Alright Mainers, what in the heck is going on?!?! We are in the middle of a government shutdown, we don't have time for someone to come along and steal our joy. But Christopher Angulo, some jerk from New Jersey, decided he was going to ruin our good time. The ice disk wasn't bothering anyone, just chillin' in the river living its frozen life, Let it Go, blasting on repeat.

Then this dud climbs onto it with an axe trying to make it into a peace sign, and cracks the thing. Dude! No one wants you to be here right now. In fact, you should probably just leave. Don't try to justify your heinous act of ice cracking because you can't. I'm fully aware I don't need to be this aggravated about it, but i'm an entertainer, the reason for my existence is to overreact to things. So consider this overreacting.

Christopher Angulo of New Jersey. You are the 7th entry on my list, right after M. Night Shyamalan.

See what this monster did, here. 

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