Best news ever! Spectrum Generations is pleased to announce that our current Meals on Wheels wait list is now at ZERO and they are is reinstating Meals on Wheels deliveries back to two days a week as of the beginning of fiscal year 2014 – October 1, 2013.
They made it happen by making sure everyone was working at peak levels within the program and then extensive fundraising and the generosity of the public.

But still the sequestration budget cuts will still be a threat to the program until 2021.(2021!)  So making sure everything stays working well and not letting up on public awareness and fundraising will remain an important part making sure Meals on Wheel still is able to keep the program working at that level.

Yes recipients of Meals on Wheels do pay what the can for the meals. But a lot of the time that does not cover the cost. That is why fundraising is SO important.

So the fundraising campaigns big and small will continue and they are all important. Spectrum Generations continues to look for new ways to support Meals on Wheels.  There are many ways you can help; sponsor a MOW route, monetary donation, remember them in your will, or volunteer your time.

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