I had the chance to talk with Liz Crawford.  She is a Family Caregiver Specialist with Spectrum Generations!  She was talking with me about the issue of elder abuse in Maine.

The numbers show that about 10% of people 60 and older are reportedly to have been a victim of elder abuse. But officials estimate that only 1 in 14 cased of elder abuse is ever reported to the police.  When I say abuse it is neglect, physical abuse and exploiting people in regards to money matters.

The abuse is not just from out siders or strangers, it can be family members, especially if they are dealing with dementia.  Spectrum Generation even has classes to help caregivers be a Savvy Caregiver with their training program.  Let’s face it, being a caregiver can be STRESSFUL!  And stress can cause people to do things they might not normally do.  This program gives dementia caregivers support and the tools to handle the stress and know what to expect.

This is why I adore Spectrum Generations, they make a difference. They are there to make sure people have access to support and the information they need to help with the ‘aging issue’ you might be facing in your life or the lives of someone you love.

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