Doing what I do for a living, which is keeping up with the news and such, I read a lot of well, stupid things, which happen in government, however, this really makes me mad. The federal cuts that are causing some many problems are causing Spectrum Generation to create a waiting list for Meals On Wheels. Now, it has been a BIG point of with Spectrum Generation that they did NOT make seniors wait for this service.

Now, not only has Spectrum Generation been forced to make the waiting list, according to the Kennebec Journal, not only will those clients not receive the meal service, they will not receive the benefit of the human  contact with a twice a week visit form the Meals On Wheels volunteers. The delivery service is being cut back from two visits per week to just one, in which the volunteer will deliver one hot meal and four frozen ones.

As I was reading and writing this I was sick to my stomach and on the verge of tears. Meals On Wheels is not some sort of luxury, it is important service to citizens. As Maine is a fairly poor state and has an older population it impacts us even more, the fact Spectrum Generations was forced to make this move makes angry and frustrated.

The federal dollars they  receive and the amount the clients were able to pay never did fully cover the cost of Meals On Wheels, donations help to make up the difference. Yes, they do accept and need donations, if you ever considered it, I would say, now is the time.

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