He's got a way with words. The internet had a feast over the President's 'Covfefe' Tweet. Whenever I send out something to anyone, pubic or private, there's always SOME version of a proof-read. Sometimes I get it right, and other occasions I don't. Case in point. For years I spelled 'baby' with an extra 'B.' This went on for a good six months with my at the time girlfriend, who proceeded to bring it up through the course of the relationship.

We all have words we fumble through. I'm ashamed to admit auto-correct modified 'Augusta' on more than one occasion. The defense of being new to town carries little weight when I've lived in Maine a good portion of my life. Yes, our NH friends have it easier with their state capital of Concord, but when pressed, I struggled with spelling my own. That said, I never Tweeted it out :)


What words do you routinely misspell?

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