As the fiance' of a man taking his driving course right now, a man who is excited to start a new job doing what thousands of Mainer's before him have done, I am not very happy.

How dare Brian Bolduc, a Democrat of Auburn, insult our truckers? In an email he complains of the trucks rumbling by his house and thinks they're too noisy.  He CLEARLY insults truckers saying they are not intelligent.

"... one look at them and you can see they probably dont (sic) have a whole hell of allot (sic) of brains in their heads," Bolduc wrote in an email.

First, you're a representative. Your spelling is ATROCIOUS! And I can spell atrocious without using spellcheck!

My father was a truck drive and so were two my uncles! And now, I will become a trucker's wife. I have the utmost respect for the men AND women that work long hours traveling thousands of miles across country hauling everything from the Christmas trees grown right here in Maine to the wreathes that hang on homes throughout the United States every holiday season.

They are some of the hardest working people I know. Their families are so proud of them. Trucks are BIG. They make NOISE! Everyone can express their opinion but to be so insensitive makes me mad. They don't wear a suit and tie. They wear Wranglers and Carhartt jackets. They don't have a cozy office. Their cab is their office and they risk their lives in all types of weather to do their job.

Shame on you, Brian Bolduc. Shame on you, Mr. Grinch!

This is just one person's opinion.

Read the article from the Lewiston Sun Journal HERE.