If your family has taken a trip to New Hampshire's Storyland amusement park in the last couple of years, you may have noticed construction work going on at the massive building adjacent to the park.

Over the last 18 months that building, the former home of the Heritage New Hampshire historical walk-through, has been transformed into the State of New Hampshire's first aquarium.

According to Yahoo!, the aquarium is finally close enough to completion to set an opening date.

Living Shores Aquarium will open on November 4th!

The 32,000 square foot aquarium will be open year-round and feature a tide pool where kids can touch everything from hermit crabs, to stingrays, to sharks (SO COOL!).  There'll also be a rain forest aviary filled with birds and reptiles, an augmented reality sandbox, and education programs.  Other attractions will feature over 100 varieties of fish from tropical climates, the New England coast, and the rivers of New Hampshire.

Tickets will start at just $19.99 with kids under three free.

As a former Heritage NH employee (I was the woodsman at Strawberry Bank and got to demo the Segway), I was really sad to see the attraction close, but I am really excited about the way they've breathed new (aquatic) life into the old building.

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