In case you hadn't noticed, the unofficial start to summer has come and gone. You may have not realized this, since temps still dip back into the 40's, and heaters and blankets still haven't been packed away for the um, summer.

It's also the time of year traffic goes through the roof. Memorial Day Weekend saw nearly a million cars on the Maine Turnpike. Not only does a hearty game of counting the number of licence plates get a lot longer, it also includes many motorcycles. Unlike warmer climates, there is a limited run for vehicles of the two-wheel variety. Most of us won't get used to their presence until mid June.

Along with motorcycles, you'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for bicycles. They can be even more of a potential hazard, without the warning of a revved motor. A Limington man recently ran a red light and injured a cyclist. Maine is full of charity rides, tourists seeking a new adventure, and can be a world destination this time of year. Let's all take an extra second or two to be aware of our surroundings!

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