Woman Sueing eBay Over Selling Plots on the Sun
A woman in Spain, Maria Duran, is suing eBay because they will not allow her to sell the ‘sun’ on their website. She had been selling 11 square-foot plots for $1 each and had received 600 orders before eBay shut her down.
Norridgwock Eviction Case Has Been Dropped
Dawn Zammuto had faced eviction from her mobile home when the landlord had said she had broken her lease by allowing her daughter's service dog to stay in her home for five days last month during a visit. The landlords claimed she had broken the no pets clause in her lease.
Bloodhounds, Born Trackers
Bloodhounds are the only animal whose evidence is admissible in a court of law. This amazing dog has 230 million scent receptors making it a tracking machine.  One of the most famous bloodhounds was from Kentucky, Nick Carter.