Father Wrote Daughters Initials on Moon
Something I just learned about which I thought was pretty cool. The last man on the surface of the moon, Eugene Cernan, wrote his daughter’s initials on the surface of the moon.
Daughter Ransacks Grave Looking for Real Will
The grave of businessman, Eddie Nash of New Hampshire, was ransacked by his daughter and two others as they where in search of his ‘real will’. Sixty Eight year old Nash’s cement vault was found cracked and the casket opened and his remains searched through.
Woman’s Claim to be Andy Kauffman’s Daughter a Hoax
Comedian Andy Kauffman who appeared on the T.V. sitcom ‘Taxi’ and on ‘Saturday Night Live’ died in 1984 and rumors have always spread that he was alive and just wanted out of the spotlight of Hollywood.  Earlier this week a New York actress, Alexandra…