Comedian Andy Kauffman who appeared on the T.V. sitcom ‘Taxi’ and on ‘Saturday Night Live’ died in 1984 and rumors have always spread that he was alive and just wanted out of the spotlight of Hollywood.  Earlier this week a New York actress, Alexandra Tatarsky, came forward claiming she was Kauffman’s daughter and he was indeed alive.

The only problem, she is not his daughter, but the daughter of a doctor. The hoax began when Tatarsky met Kauffman’s brother Michael at a gallery in New York that was showing an Andy Kauffman exhibit and was asked to play Kauffman’s daughter. She waited to bring the hoax forward, which probably started in February, until after her real Father passed away in July.

Considering she was born four years after Kauffman’s death, there’s a good chance she is not his daughter.

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