Getty Images, photo by NASA
Getty Images, photo by NASA

Dutch Company called Mars One is looking for volunteers to go to Mars that can face the stress of the flight and have a ‘can do’ attitude during the flight. The only thing about the Mars One mission is: it’s a one-way trip. The company is looking for four people, with no particular background, to make the flight to Mars and set-up a colony.

So far more than 80,000 people from 120 countries have applied but they hope to get a half-million applicants. There is a fee to apply, from $5 to $75 (in the United States the fee is $38). It’s the selection for the expansion of the human race with only a few criteria to follow. 1. Do you want to go to Mars? 2. How would you describe your sense of humor? 3. What makes you the perfect candidate to go to Mars?

There will be a grueling application to complete if you are among the 50 to 100 people chosen in each of 300 demographic areas and by 2015, the number will be reduced to 28 to 40 candidates overall. After the final four are chosen, they will have to train for seven years before lift-off. To repeat though, it is a one-way trip, you go there, you stay there, and you die there.

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