Here's The 2018 Schedule For Maine Agricultural Fairs
It's kind of hard to believe that the start of fair season in Maine is just about a month away!  We'll blame the fact that winter held on so long, and that spring was so short, for that one!
Here's the 2018 list of (mostly) Central Maine fairs from Maine...
Memorial Day Celebration in Central Maine
There are a lot of Memorial Day celebrations in the Central Maine area for Monday, May 30th. Old Fort Western in Augusta will have a celebration beginning at 10 a.m. but there are more.
9 Maine Towns With The Naughtiest Sounding Names
Alright, it's time to channel our inner giggling school boy. While scrolling through a list of Maine's towns and cities, occasionally you'll come across one that makes you look around real quick, check if anyone is there to judge you, and then allow yourself to have a good chuckle...

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