Mannequins have been in retail stores for many years displaying the clothes that the store has to offer. Things haven’t changed much over the years, until now. A British company has developed a talking mannequin that can communicate with customers through an app on their smart phone.

The app will work when the customer is within 100 meters of the mannequin, that’s when information about what the mannequin is wearing can be accessed. The dummy will talk to you describing the clothes and accessories it is wearing and give details on where in the store the clothes can be found.

The talking mannequins have a battery life of three years being able to talk to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information given can be saved to use at a later time and can be forwarded to friends.

Why the new technology? A recent Google report showed 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devise to help them browse while shopping already so the makers of the talking mannequin want to tap into this trend.