What is your favorite part of your Thanksgiving dinner? Is it turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes? AOL made a list of dishes for Thanksgiving and where they rank.

The favorite at the table is stuffing, it came in as the most liked dish on the table. In second place is wine (I guess if you have to deal with relatives over the holiday a glass or two of wine goes a long way).

Next at number three is gravy. It moistens dry meat and taste great on mashed potatoes. Fourth is mashed potatoes, if you have the gravy might as well have the potatoes.

Number five on the list of favorite food during Thanksgiving dinner is pie. It could be pumpkin, pecan, apple or whatever your favorite is. In sixth place mac and cheese (not something everyone has though).

The one that surprised me the most was where the main part of the meal (turkey) landed, it came in at number eleven (11). Turkey came in AFTER brussels sprouts, what?

I’m not going to list all the foods but you can see the whole list here aol.com

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