Vacations are all about cutting loose and having fun, right?  Well, for some, fun means letting it all hang out.  When we say all, we mean ALL!

Yes, for some, the perfect vacation is clothing optional.

Because of how rural the state is, many may view Maine as being a little prudish, especially when compared to the country's more adventurous states (California) and the bold countries of Europe.  While this may be true, it does not mean the state does not have its fair share of clothing optional locales.

Recently, Orbitz featured an article about the best places for naked vacations in all 50 states.  In the article, they specifically made reference to Frenchman's Hole.  A well known swimming spot, it is located west of Sunday River resort.

Of the "hole", they said:

the Pine Street State is woodsy and largely rural which means that although nudity is forbidden, people do strip down discreetly. The unfortunately named Frenchmen’s Hole (nearish to the New Hampshire border) is a popular swimming spot featuring a lower pool that is clothing optional.

If you are looking for a clothing optional spot a little closer to the Augusta / Waterville area, you can always visit the Richmond Sauna. Located on Dingley Road in Richmond, Maine.  The facility features a sauna, hot tubs, and, when the weather cooperates, nude sunbathing.  It is also a bed & breakfast - perfect is you are looking for a real, all-in-one, getaway.

Are there other "naked" vacation spots in Maine?  Well, as we are in a very rural state, there are plenty of places to let it all hang out.  Of course, we would never suggest you break any state or local ordnances.

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