According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the cost of feeding a family of four is between $146 and $289 a week. They used intake data and the cost of groceries (which we all know have been going up) to reach their results. They used four levels of grocery shopping for a family of four.

The ‘thrifty food’ plan was the lowest at $146 a week, a ‘low cost’ plan was $191 a week, the ‘moderate’ plan came in at $239 a week and the ‘liberal’ plan at $289 a week. Each plan allows for different types of food according to their price. The lesser cost would be cheaper fruits and cuts of meat while the higher cost allows for more expensive fruits and cuts of meat. If you think you are paying more at the grocery store these days, you are correct. Just 10 years ago, the ‘thrifty’ food plan for four was $108 a week and the ‘liberal’ plan $208 a week.