Most of us like steak.  We have our preference about how we like it cooked, but we aren't super picky.  However, if you LOVE steak, you need to have it prepared JUST right.

If the above statement describes you, you need to make a trip to check out the State of Maine's finest steakhouse.

The Steakhouse, located in the Town of Wells, has been named the "finest" steakhouse in the state by LoveFood.

Around for over three decades, The Steakhouse is locally owned by the Sibley family.  The establishment serves up some unforgettable filets, rib-eyes, and New York Strips.  One of the things that really sets the place apart is that they cut the steaks on site (they have a butcher) and then broil them to perfection.  They also have plenty of seafood options (it would not be an amazing Maine restaurant without seafood, right?), Italian dishes, and an extensive kid's menu.

As is the case with many of the best restaurants in Maine, The Steakhouse is about more than just great food.  It is an experience to eat at the restaurant.  The polished wood and perfect lighting really give it a unique steakhouse feel.

Iman Zaker / Unsplash
Iman Zaker / Unsplash

The one catch is that you may have to wait for a table.  Given the fact that it is located in a very touristy part of Maine, and that they do not take reservations, there may be a bit of a wait for a table.  And they generally take an extended break throughout most of the winter.  They generally close in early December, and remain closed until late winter.

However, we can assure you that the place is worth the wait.

Have you ever been there?  What did you think?  What is your go-to spot for steak?

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