Yesterday, I picked up Anderson from school and I told him we needed to stop by Yankee Trophy and pick up the Teacher of the Year trophy. They share the facility with The Fun Park. Well, of course, when we pull in, all I hear is "Can we play golf, Mama? PLEASE??? This is something we can do together...just me and you."

How can I say NO to that?

Luckily, I still had a few certificates from our Seize the Deal and I was able to use them! We played a round and I helped him with his grip and follow-through. He did pretty well!

Then, it was off to the go-karts! He is now big enough to ride in one all by himself. It's amazing. Last year, a worker at the Fun Park had to ride the back of his kart because he couldn't reach the pedals. Now, he doesn't need any help!

Take a look at the pics! Your kids will have a blast! I know Anderson did...I did, too!