Have you heard about the latest health craze that may soon be sweeping the country?

Drinking pure maple sap water is gaining acceptance because of the health aspects associated with sap. According to the Bangor Daily News this could be a great deal for Maine maple producers. It’s a chance for them to cash-in on the crazy with a lot less work than producing maple syrup. Producing syrup can be a back breaking task, tapping trees, collecting sap and boiling it for hours.

With sap water it would be collect the sap and sell it to an out-of-state sap water processor. But few of Maine maple producers have jumped on the bandwagon because the initial invest could be sizeable. Bottling and processing equipment would have to purchased and many small producers in Maine can’t afford it.

There are a lot of thing in sap that are good for you so drinking sap water is beneficial to humans. It contains 46 nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, electrolytes and antioxidants. This why drinking pure maple sap water is trend gaining in popularity.



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