This really has been a great growing season for much of Maine's harvest, although many things have arrived earlier than expected too.

Another crop that many Maine growers are excited about this year is.....potatoes!

With many restaurants making the come back after covid-19 last year many of the potato harvesters are looking for to the fall harvest of spuds this year.

According to a report in, even an extra 8,000 acres was plated with potatoes this year so a solid crow with great yields are expected and farmers are feeling good about the increased demand as well.

Last year was so bad for potato farmers some were even giving potatoes away so they wouldn't spoil. Luckily the outlook for the rest of this year looks to be solid.

Considering that Maine potatoes bring in about 300 million bucks and have about 2500 jobs tied to the industry, it's no small spud to the Maine economy.

You can do your part by looking for and buying Maine grown potatoes.

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