According to the Sun Journal, The Liquid Sunshine, a long-time store in Farmington, has made the tough decision to close its doors for good after 30 years in business. This decision didn't come lightly to shop owner Sue Gordon, but ultimately it was the choice that had to be made.

Being a nonessential business, The Liquid Sunshine followed Gov Mills' request and closed the doors in March of 2020, thinking it would only be for a temporary amount of time. Unfortunately, the world stayed shut down longer than most of us expected, causing many local businesses to face the hard truths of staying open or closing the doors for good.

Even though The Liquid Sunshine is closing, Sue also owns Zen and Company in Kennebunk, which she plans to keep open and focus all her energy. Those who have gift cards from The Liquid Sunshine can be redeemed at the Kennebunk store.



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