The million dollar question is...what can we expect for Winter this upcoming season?  We all wish we could look through a looking glass and see the truth, unfortunately, that is not the case.  But the almanac is the closest we're going to get.  But which do we believe: Old Farmer's or Farmers?

While earlier this year, the Farmer's Almanac predicted a snowy winter for the Northeast.  Well, the Old Farmer's Almanac paints a different picture (and gosh I hope it's true).

According to the 2018 edition (which is the 226 edition) states winter will be milder than normal but will have above-normal precipitation and snowfall.  Late December and early February is predicted to be the coldest.  While, the snowiest periods will be in late November, mid December & mid-to-late January.

So what can we gather from this?  Winter sucks!  And maybe both almanacs are correct.

Good news?  Hot dry summer is on tap for next year.

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