There is an absolutely stellar condo in Rockland, Maine and I am so close to selling the new house I just bought to slide into this open-concept, modern, and spacious building. It is nestled in the heart of downtown Rockland with beautiful views of the harbor and has something very unique inside!

For sale at $329,000, this is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo, and better yet, a conversation starter!

Built in 1929, not only does this condo a big kitchen, inviting living room, comfy bedroom with en-suite bathroom, but it always has a secret walk-in vault. Or should I say a "vault-in closet." It looks to be a vintage safe door. It is thick, steel and you can sit in their and be as secret as you want.

It is so fun to find something hidden, unique and interesting in a new property. On summer days, you'll probably find yourself walking out onto your bedroom patio, drinking coffee and admiring the view of the water and inviting your friends over to play cards in your vault.

Who wouldn't want to live in a condo with a hidden vault and updated, well, everything. Everything is just outside your front door, as it is located downtown Rockland. You're not far from shopping and restaurants.

I'd say this condo is a must-see if you're in search of a luxury and modern space with something unique inside.

Check out the photos here!

This Gorgeous Condo in Rockland Comes With It's Own Walk-In Vault

A new condo, up for sale in Rockland, Maine is proving to be extremely unique with a walk-in vault!

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