Do you love finding that strange yet super unique and downright odd item? Are you a collector of all things oddity? If so, then you NEED to check out this hidden gem in Central Maine.

If you've driven Route 17 between Rockland and Augusta, you may have seen the place I'm talking about without even realizing it. Set in the small town of Coopers mills, you'll find Elmer's Barn, and it is seriously the best place to find odd hidden gems.

Now, Elmer's Barn doesn't just carry the weird and crazy things. You can find ancient antiques, old windows and doors, saw blades, rakes, shovels, cast iron bathtubs, and so much more.

It's the odd things that will really pique your interest, though, or it does mine anyway.

Have you ever seen a tarantula encased in epoxy? Or the actual key to a Massachusetts city? Welp, look no further because those are the types of fun and out-of-this-world things you'll find while checking out all that the 3 floors of Elmer's Barn have to offer.

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Check out the pictures below and then plan a trip for yourself, collector of many things or none at all; I can assure you Elmer's Barn is the place to be!

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