For decades, Kennebunkport, Maine has been know as a playground for the very wealthy.  Patrick Dempsey, Neil Clark Warren (the eHarmony guy), and (of course) the Bush family.  In addition to the celebrities, there are thousands of wealthy business men and women who make their home in Kennebunkport.

If you have the cash, you could become the newest resident of this prestigious seaside town.

According to Realtor, the Goose Rocks Beach Compound in Kennebunkport is for sale.  Sitting right on Goosefare Bay, the compound consists of two houses.

The main house encompasses about 3,300 square feet.  he main home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms.  It has a well-equipped kitchen, living room, home entertainment room, a large wine cellar, and there is a 3rd floor deck that offers dazzling views of the beach and the bay.

The guest house, which they refer to as a pavilion, really is not that much smaller than the main house.  Across three floors, it has about 2,100 square feet of usable space.

One of the coolest features of the compound is the fact that it sits right on Goose Rocks Beach, one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in the State of Maine.  The beach is literally a few steps from your bedroom.  Perfect, if you love to start or end your day with walk on the beach.

Kings Highway, Kennebunkport

This immense Kennebunkport compound sits on Goosefare Bay. It features two homes that have a combined square footage of over 5,000 feet. Get all the details now at the site.

As of June 2022, the list price for this property is $9,850,000.  If you were to put $2 million down, your monthly payment would be just under $50,000.  That, of course, includes, mortgage, taxes, and insurance.

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