The the past months that I've been looking into Missed this is very obvious.  What is it?  Well, men are straight to the point...sort of 'are we gonna do this or not' mentality.  Women are more sappy 'I can't live without you' poor souls.  Always entertaining...however, to my female friends...buck up!

You weren't really lost at Eric Church
I flirted a little and said you weren't really lost, that you just wanted to talk to me... I smiled Everytime I saw you afterwards, you gave me a side glance and a grin. You were with your mom? If you remember, What was I wearing? Change the subject to you favorite color to weed out the spam.

Attractive at the Augusta Waterfront
Hey I just missed you, you were leaving as I pulled into the parking lot! You- attractive, Me- interested!

Honey Badger (Personally, I think this is meant for Andy Austin)
I trust you with my soul.
I can trust your process
Can you trust mine?
Perhaps we we need to do things in a different order than we planed.
I know i need a distraction and the distraction i want is you.
How about it baby.
Come dance with the devil with me.

TCII on August 30th
Youll probably never see this but damn you are hot !!!
We passed each other as you were going in and i was leaving i couldnt help but stare i think i saw a smile ! You were tall and fit ,long blonde hair t shirt and jeans, i was older tall big build , jeans , black tshirt yello writing hat and glasses if youd like to chat by all means get back to me !

Tall & Handsome at my child's school in Augusta
I adore you. You know I do. How come you are there every time I turn around?
You are tall and gorgeous with blue eyes in your 50's . I am younger. You work at my child's school. We can keep it a secret.
Up at night I'm awake 'cause it haunts me
That I never got to say what I wanted

I'm Sorry from Gardiner
I'm a sorry. It was my fault I blew up. I unfortunately had told you I have a tendency of pushing people away when I start having feelings. What I blew up about was totally stupid. But what you said after was not far to me. And that's when I turned the messages off. I do miss you and look at your page to see your pictures. I miss the passion, the romantic gestures that you do, I miss the feeling of being wanted, and miss your touch.


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