I think we have some good descriptions this week and should be able to make a love connection.  Share this around...let's help these bachelors find the special someone.

Gardiner Hannaford heading to Funtown
this is a very long shot and will be a miracle if i find the person i'll describe here . we were in line to check-out, i helped you with empty your cart , you said these things are not for me , i mentioned how great shape you were in and wonderd if i have been eating the wrong foods. you smiles and said you were taking 4-5 kids to funtown these were snacks for them . you also metioned what you would probably need after the day . if you see this please answer with what you would need at the end of the day ; smiles i would really like to get to know you if your available .

BK Drive-Thru in Augusta with Ruger Sticker In Back Window
You were in front of me in the drive thru thursday noonish.you had dark hair.bbw.you had a ruger sticker in your back window.i couldnt help noticing you kept looking back at me.i think your very attractive.if you would like to get together sometime let me no.if your attached its ok it will be our secret.do you remember what i was driving?

Sitting By The Kayak Launch in Augusta
You were sitting in the grass by yourself and i was walking down to the river and said hello to you and you said hi back.i wanted to join you but was not sure if you were even interested in meeting someone new.if your reading this and would like to meet let me no and we can meet at the same spot on monday say around noon

Beautiful, graceful, intelligent woman with blue nail polish at eye doctor's in Augusta
I was just blown away by you this morning. I know this is a huge long shot but if you ever do see this....you gave me butterflies. Been many years since a woman has made me feel that way. Your beautiful, gracefully and intelligent. I wanted to ask you your name so badly but I didn't think it was appropriate behavior. You told me it was very nice meeting me and I noticed you didn't say that to any other patient. You were wearing blue fingernail polish. If you do see this you'll know exactly who I am. I would love to talk sometime......

Pushing plants in a cart at Home Depot in Augusta
You where pushing a cart with plants, you had pretty eyes and our eyes meet a few times would love to meet you, we checked out about the same time. Tell me what I look like so I know you are real.


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