As a child of the 70's, the inception of As Seen On TV products at the holidays made for some interesting gifts. The enticement of "Act Now" and getting an additional item made the purchase that much more appealing. Ronco and Ron Popeil became household names selling us "o-matics" and crafting machines. How many people had these gifts under the tree?

10) Smokeless Ashtray

No more second hand smoke for us! We got Dad the smokeless ashtray.


9) The Thighmaster

Celebrities soon got in on the action and started endorsing the As Seen On TV products.

8)Popeil Pocket Fisherman was touted as the "fishing invention of the century". It's smooth action Johnson spin-casting reel filled with trilene XL line and Boy! Does it catch fish!!!

7) Snuggie!  The fad of 2009 was actually invented by a mom of a University of Maine Orono student. The prototype had only one sleeve until Gary Clegg improved upon his mothers design and created the Slanket with two sleeves. Although not the same company as Snuggie, we still call Clegg the designer because he's a Maine native and we like that.

6) The Clapper because we got tired of stubbing our toes in the dark. We all sang this tune.

5) The Cha Cha Cha Chia Pet is so much more than a pet now.

Today you can get a chia in that shape of almost anything from Donald Trump to Bob Ross to emojis and Marvel Heroes. For a list of Chia Pets visit the website.

4) Mr Microphone was every aspiring stars favorite Christmas gift.

3) Ronco's Rhinestone and Stud Setter. My sister received one of these for Christmas one year.  I may or may not have the photo of the snazzy pant suit she made for me that year.  This item can still be found if you search Etsy, Ebay or Amazon

2) The Ginsu Knife. Dad got this for Mom. Pretty sure my brother ruined it trying to cut through pipe.

1) The Autocup was a product that revolutionized how we traveled and drank our beverages. Cars didn't come standard with cup holders until the late 80's and even then not all cars had them.  Think of your travel mug today and than Ron Popeil

These are just 10 of the great items we've been introduced to on TV and had to have. What were your favorites?

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