A poll conducted by LA Fitness shows a change in New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 as compared to the last few years. For several years ‘losing weight’ and ‘getting in shape’ have been at the top of the resolution list but this year that has been replaced by ‘read more books.’ ‘Lose weight’ dropped to #3 with ‘save more money’ coming in 2nd.  More resolutions this year seem to lean toward people trying to find more time for themselves. Next at #4 is ‘redecorate. #5 on the list is ’take better photos’ and #6 is ‘travel.’ 'Less drinking' and 'quit smoking' fell to #22 and #26 and staying close to the top 10 again are at #11 ‘more time with the kids’ and #10 ‘do charity work.’

Social media made it on the list at #16 with ‘less time on Facebook’, #21 ‘socialize more in real life rather than Facebook’ and #30 ‘call more people rather than text.’ See the entire list at digitalspy.com.

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