When the world so suddenly stopped turning (it didn't really, but man some days it feels like it has), I knew there was no way I would successfully supply my kids with the education they deserved without getting myself organized to do so. I also knew that even though there is a 4 grade gap between my two kids, I would need to find a common ground in the basics of education.


My Top Three Must Have's For Remote Learning 

#1- A Dry Erase Weekly Schedule

After finding what seemed like hundreds of dry erase schedule options, I felt this one spoke to my current situation. I wanted both of my children to have their own schedule and duties with out having to bulk them into a single schedule. This Dual Schedule gave us just that!

#2- Weekly Planner/Inspirational Journal

When deciding on this Inspirational planner I kept in mind the weekly dry erase schedule (#1 on this list) I had already purchased. This Planner offers both daily and monthly planning options and although both are great options to have, I didn't pick it for that reason. I picked it as a place for our whole family to document our daily thoughts and to inspire us a whole to be kinder to each other and others in general. I also wanted a way to selfishly keep myself inspired, even when life takes turn we don't expect.

#3- Reward Incentive Punch Cards

If you have a child/children that needs visual recognition of achievement, I highly suggest these punch cards! I'm sure most people wouldn't agree with me that these punch cards are a necessity, but for us they totally are. I've been using them not only for school related work, but household chores and even teaching my children the basics on building a savings with their allowance. They are blank so you can customize them to your family and their needs!

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