RISE 'N SHINE! It's the 19th annual 5K Road Race on Friday, September 28th. And when they say "Rise 'N Shine" they mean it! Registration for the 5K starts at 6:00AM and the race begins at sunrise at 6:35. We'll be starting at Kennebec Savings Bank in Augusta and running on the Kennebec Rail Trail. Not only is it "Rise 'N Shine", it's rain or shine as well! It all benefits the Kennebec Valley YMCA.

I've done 5K's before but I haven't run one since last summer.  You need to train for this kind of thing. You just can't get up one day and run. If you do, you'll be sorry the next day and could seriously injure yourself.

My training consists of my treadmill and my road. Three days a week I am jogging at least a mile on the treadmill or hitting my road. From my house to the end of the road and back is 1.4 miles. So on nice days I put in my earbuds and listen to B98.5 on my phone and do my cardio workout.

But running is not the only thing you should do. Regular workouts are important. You can't work just one body part. You have to work them all. With every step you take, your entire body feels it. Don't believe it? Try running a 5K with no training and see which parts hurt the most. So train your WHOLE body. That means pushups, situps or crunches, lifting hand weights, jumping jacks...anything to keep your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Your workout could be as simple as playing with your kids outside, using your child's Wii or doing yardwork.  

I'm not a faster runner. I'm a medium jogger. It doesn't matter where I place. What matters is that I finish!  And all the money raised is going to help the KVYMCA!  Join me Friday morning, September 28th, for an early morning run for a great cause! I will broadcasting as I run. So if I'm a little out of breath, you'll know why.

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