Johnny Appleseed Day, a day to commemorate Johnny Appleseed for introducing apple trees to the United States is held on March 11, but that’s not the only day it is celebrated.  It's also celebrated today September 26th.

His real name is John Chapman and was an American nurseryman traveling west. While traveling, he planted apple seeds along the way creating apple trees in many states. Pennsylvania, Ohio Indiana, Illinois and West Virginia benefited from his planting. There are two celebration days for Johnny Appleseed, March 11, the day he is believed to have died and September 26, the day he is believed to have been born.

The trees that Chapman planted had multiple purposes, although they did not yield edible fruit. The small, tart apples his orchards produced were useful primarily to make hard cider and applejack

September seems more appropriate in Maine because that’s when the apple season is in full swing. Apples are at their best in Maine from August to October. In November, local fresh apples can still be found but mostly in cold storage, green houses or winter farmers markets.

It may be a little early, but here is a guide to picking Maine apples, just hang on to it for future use.



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