In Stow Maine, a father and son were attacked by their barn bobcat, on Wednesday. The following day, just a couple miles down the road another attack occurred when the bobcat attacked a couples dog, this is all according to an article posted by Conway Daily Sun.

The two attacks were believed to be performed by a like-rabid bobcat but the only way to know is to put the bobcat down and perform studies to see if it is rabid. The article points out many strange behaviors that bobcats do not normally possess. One for example is the bobcat seemed to be going after humans, which is not common at all.

Both incidents are being investigated by Maine Warden Service of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and all persons are being treated for rabies as a precaution, as the article states.

According to the article, the first attacked happened involving, Stow Selectman John Plowden, 52, and his son, Justin, 17, of Union Hill Road.

They were able to trap the bobcat into their barn after he entered and John reported,

it came out and took a step toward me, so I backed off — then it took three steps, crouched down and jumped 10 feet from Justin and landed on his face, with his paws on Justin’s back!

John reported that he grabbed the cat by the back of the neck and the cat turned on him and,

did a cat turn on me, and clawed me with its front paws

This is a brutal attack and it was also reported that the bobcat seemed to have no fear, as the article states. The father and son did not go to the hospital but were treated by EMT's who showed up at their home after the attack occurred, according to the story.

According to the article, the second attack took place when the bobcat attacked a neighbors 13 year mixed breed dog about 2 1/2 miles down the road from the first occurrence. Owners, Cheryl and Skip Moody reported that Cleo, their family dog had been attacked.

Also according to the article, Cleo was sitting at the back door of their house when suddenly Cheryl noticed something that she said she couldn't comprehend. She then realized Cleo was being attacked by a bobcat.

Cheryl said,

So, I did the only sensible thing. I grabbed the bobcat by the nape of the neck and tried to pry it off Cleo,

I grabbed a boot tray from the railing and kept bashing the cat until it let go. I then flung that cat 12-15 feet across the yard, (the bobcat continued to attack) so I had to go after it, beating on it until it decided to leave

Conway Daily Sun, Cheryl Moody

Cleo ended up passing away and her owners assumed that even though she was an older dog, the bobcat attack must've had something to do with it, as the article states. 

Specialist from the Maine Warden Service Media Specialist, John MacDonald has urged surrounding community members to be aware of this bobcat, as the article states.

Officials that were involved in assisting with this are, Kris Barboza of the Maine Game Warden Service, Matt Baker of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Department, as well as, Fryeburg Rescue EMTs Bill Kane and Troy Turcotte.

It's vital to note that if anyone in that same or neighboring area of Stow, Maine has witness this bobcat walking around, they are encouraged to report their sighting to The Maine Warden Service in Gray, Maine. Or call,  (207) 657-3030

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