According to a recent report more than a 1/4 of Maine beaches are contaminated enough that swimming would be unsafe.

According to the same report by the watchdog group the issue is effecting beaches all along the east coast of the United States. But, at the very least, you should be aware of where the testing by the EPA is coming back...soiled.

The reports states: "In 2018, 85 beach sites were sampled in Maine. Of beaches where sampling took place, tests at 39 indicated potentially unsafe levels of contamination on at least one day. A sampling site at Goose Rocks Beach - Site 5 in York County tested as potentially unsafe for 14 days, more days than any other site in the state, and 36 percent of the days that sampling took place. In Waldo County, the average beach was potentially unsafe for swim- ming on 31 percent of the days that sampling took place, a higher percentage than any other county in the state."

Be aware, Be safe.

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