Summer is coming and one of the great treats is s’mores. Now the government is stepping in and saying you need to eat a healthier type of s’more.

The USDA is recommending a strawberry s’mores instead of the chocolate and marshmallow one. What they want you to do is keep the Graham cracker but replace the chocolate with strawberries and the marshmallow with low-fat yogurt. That doesn’t even sound good.

They are trying to convince us that kids will 'love it’ and parents will ‘love it’ too because it's an inexpensive and healthy treat. This is a turnaround for the USDA, just last year they published an essay of how to roast your marshmallows.

Now they are saying its either the healthier s’mores or move away from them altogether. They say take a banana and slice one side open; add a few chocolate chips and the top with tiny marshmallows.

WAIT! In one case they want you to get rid of chocolate and marshmallows and then they say use chocolate chips and ‘tiny’ marshmallows.

You know what; I think I’ll enjoy summer and my s’mores as I always have. Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow. Yummy!

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