According to News Center Maine, the USDA has extended the Free Lunch program to all students, no matter their family's eligibility, through June of 2022.

Not long after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the USDA changed the guidelines of the Free Lunch program so it was available for all students regardless of income. The USDA did this to ensure all kids had access to healthy foods while they were home during quarantine. Aside from offering Free Meals to all students, the USDA made sure pickup and drop-off locations were made for those unable to attend school.

It's been almost a year, and most kids are back in school for at least a day or two a week. However, there are still kids at home that don't have access to the daily nutritional needs. By extending this program, kids and their families don't have to worry about filling their stomachs with healthy meal choices. If anything, it provides families with a piece of mind and full bellies.



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