With the recent garage fire in Gorham, caused by a propane grill, firefighters have some recommendations for checking your grill.

The tube that leads to the burner should be checked. Its rubber and over time it can rot causing propane to leak. There could be blockage from old food or bugs looking for warmth during the winter too.

Check your propane tank to see if it is still in good shape. See if there is any rust on the tank that may be deeper than surface rust. A propane tanks life is usually about 12 years.

Make sure the propane tube that runs from the grill to the tank is connected correctly. If is not, it will cause propane to leak putting you at risk for a fire or worse, an explosion.

It is best to store your grill inside during the winter, but make sure to disconnect the propane tank and make sure the tank is turned off.

When grilling, stay away from the house as much as possible and stay with the grill when cooking. Always cook outside!