Don't get me wrong, I love vegetables...just not disguised as meat. I don't want them to look like meat, I don't want them to cook like meat, and I don't want them to taste like meat. Frankly, the taste and texture are usually off.

Apparently that is all about to change. A vegan company called Beyond Meat just announced the release of the “Beyond Burger 2.0,”  which it says sports a new and improved version of its signature Beyond Burger. Into the lab they went and the burger patty was reformulated for a meatier taste and texture, which is the result of a new blend of pea, mung bean, and rice proteins that deliver a more fibrous and chewy texture. The new patty is also lower in saturated fat, kosher-certified, and, just like the original patty, is free of gluten, soy, and genetically modified ingredients

People are giving rave reviews of the new burger on both taste and texture. As for me...I'm going to stick with the real thing, 80/20 please, on the grill!

Intrigued? CLICK HERE to read more about this invention for those who are "beef challenged"

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