In case this need to be done for legal reasons since it's 2023 and covering your tracks is a must-do these days, even though this article will highlight the fact someone was seen standing on top of and walking around the top of a train in Boston the other day, that is not something condoned by the author of this article or any of the websites it may appear on.

But hell if this wasn't something straight out of an action movie (or quite possibly a dream/nightmare you may have had where you're either a hero or being chased by some murderers or something.)

Kentaro Toma / onlyinbos via Instagram
Kentaro Toma / onlyinbos via Instagram

Boston MBTA Trains

If you've been on any train in Boston before, you know that there are a few different things that happen while you're riding them.

Most of the time, they're moving at a very high rate of speed. Depending on where you pick up the train, more often than not they're running underground (especially in the heart of the city.) And at times, they will either crawl slowly or come to a full stop due to either a delay with a train ahead or because they're approaching the next stop.

But while most of the people watching happens inside the train (Author's Note: Big shout to all the orange line riders -- y'all never fail to put on a fantastic show at some point), a few days ago the people watching was on top of one of the red line trains running through Boston.

And the whole thing was caught on video by Abbie Mann and then re-posted to the Only in Boston page on Instagram.

There's no official word on if this person was injured or arrested or anything, but if you're a big believer in the whole "no news is good news" way of life, then this whole super dangerous situation didn't have a disastrous ending.

And at least someone, somewhere, has a cool story about that one time in life when they re-created some kind of action movie scene we've seen way too many times.

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