Ladies and gentle-dudes, it's finally happened, Wal Mart in Auburn has gone to the next level with this "pole situation." No, I am not talking about a strip club.

The legendary Walmart "Crash Pole" in Auburn has now been decorated to prevent further accidents but I don't think this is going to help at all.

This sensational and now iconic Crash Pole has been trending ever since the first hit.

Honestly, they should hang a speaker from it and play, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on repeat. That's just my advice.

Their is even an entire Facebook page dedicated to the Wal Mart pole.

For some reason, drivers are unaware of this large yellow pole in the parking lot and are consistently crash directly into it.

I can't even count the amount of times it's happened thus far.

Because of this, they have painted it yellow, put cement barriers around it and tried just about everything to make this pole stand out more so that drivers aren't hum-chucking themselves into it.

I went to Walmart in Auburn last night for toilet paper and Reese's peanut butter cups and there she was, glowing in the night sky.

The yellow pole now has a stop sign, but that's not all. The sign has shining sparkly blinking lights all around it.


Lizzy Snyder/Walmart Auburn
Lizzy Snyder/Walmart Auburn

I am not sure if this is going to prevent any more accidents. Here's my question. Why don't they just remove it?

The more things they add the more space they're going to take up and if drivers are still having accidents, they're no sense. Even if they added a huge spotlight at the top with a neon sign and speaker with loud music attached, I think there will still be accidents.

But we'll see what happens now that they have decorated this to the max.

Below is a video that I took of the lights on the stop sign blinking.

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