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At a minor league baseball game with the New Britain Rock Cats it was all set: David was going to ask Jessica to marry him in front of the crowd. He was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Ooops, she wasn’t. In front of the home crowd Jessica said no. The crowd was shocked, ‘David hit the cold showers’.

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A few months ago ABC New producer Don Ennis walked into work claiming he no long wanted to be known as ‘Don’, he wanted to be known as ‘Dawn’. Dawn said sHE was having a 7 year battle with hER identity and was changing to a woman…it didn’t last long. After only three months as a woman he was rushed to the hospital because he thought he was having a seizure and memory loss. He now claims he thought it was 1999 and accused his estranged wife of dressing him like a woman. She/He now wants to be known as ‘Don’ again. ‘Wait Doc, how big is that knife’?

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In Scandinavia, skinny dippers are being warned of a close cousin to the South American piranha fish, the Pacu fish. It has been spotted in waters by fishermen, but unlike their cousin, they are vegetarian. The warning is valid though as the Pacu fish likes to break open nuts they find floating in the water with their powerful jaws. So skinny dippers, especially men, are being warned there could be a case of mistaken identity in what men consider ‘family jewels’ and the Pacu considers a snack. ‘Here’s good advice: wear a cup, they’re hard, they protect and they don’t rust’.