No one can really disagree that this summer has not really felt like summer.  Sure, we have had some really hot days, but we have had more rainy days than sunny days.

And, over the last few weeks, some of those rainy days have been wild.  Just last week, the Lewiston / Auburn area got hit with such heavy rain that it caused severe flooding in some parts of the cities.  Fortunately, as far as we know, no one was injured in those incidents.

Now, we are hearing that a handful of people in the town of Bowdoin to become trapped at their homes.

According to an article on the WMTW website, back in April, part of Doughty Road became washed out.  That washout had yet to be fixed.  Just a few days ago, during the heavy rain we got on Saturday, the other end of the road, near the intersection with  Meadow Road was washed away.

As a result, some residents became "trapped" in their homes.

Well, technically, they could walk around the damage, but there was no way they were getting a vehicle through.

The news crew interviewed a Brunswick woman named Carrie Rowe.  Her daughter, and one of her grandchildren, were stuck on their property.

During the interview, Rowe said, in part:

She's trapped with her son, and I'm trapped at the house in Brunswick with her other three children.  It's very frustrating. I'm worried about them and if they need anything, and I'm throwing things over the gully.

According to the article, a temporary road was supposed to be in place by Monday evening.


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