I can imagine one draw for someone choosing law enforcement as a career is the fact that each shift is something new. Officer Rolfe of the Waterville Police Department found himself in an unexpected situation last night. He was face to face with an individual who most anyone would avoid like the plague.

A skunk!

This skunk wasn't getting into any trouble or committing any crime, he needed help. The poor critter found himself the victim of littering, or maybe he was just sticking his head in a garbage can where it didn't belong and got what appears to be a cup stuck on his head.

Officer Rolfe took the risk to save Mr. Skunk and with a few quick moves was able to swat the cup off the skunk's head. It does not appear that any animals were hurt or officers sprayed in the making of this video.

Thank you Officer Rolfe for putting yourself at risk to save the little guy!

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