I know that February isn't typically the month we talk about brown tail moths. You remember those pesky white moths that start as browntail caterpillars, that cause horrible itchy rashes, and can totally decimate trees and foliage...yea, those guys.

Well, according to some early results from the Waterville "browntail moth survey" recently, several residents noted that the infestations are severe.

According to a report by centralmaine.com, Waterville city officials are trying to determine whether nests can be destroyed and how residents can help with the efforts to rid or at least reduce the numbers of brown tail moth nests which will effect the problem before they become active in the the spring and summer.

Last June, the city of Waterville council declared a public emergency due to the infestations taking place around the city. They even voted to allocate $100,000 to address the issue.

Waterville's brown moth survey is on going, and residents can participate on the city's website HERE. The funds allocated could be used for activities that control the spread of browntail moths, such as hiring arborists and pesticide applicators.

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